Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audiobook

by Darrin Bradbury

This album is a collection of Modern-Americana short stories. For best results use headphones. Recommended for those with unresolvable existential questions.


All songs written by Darrin Bradbury

Released September 9, 2016

Darrin Bradbury: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Laur Joamets: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Organ

Cameron Carrus: Standup & Electric Bass

Megan Palmer: Fiddle & Back Up Vocals

Aaron Schafer-Haiss: Drums, Various Percussion

Josh Cobb: Percussion (Junkie Love)

Brian Wright: Acoustic Guitar Back Up Vocals

Jeff Crow: Piano

Jay Rutherford: Electric Guitar (Joey)

Tim Easton: Back Up Vocals

Johnny M: Monologue on Joey

Producer: Gabe Masterson

Executive Producer: John Mccollum

Recorded at Eastside Manor Studios in East Nashville

Mastered By True East Mastering

Presented to you by: Cafe Rooster Records

All rights reserved